Upcoming Events

Coventry Canal Basin Invocation, 27th March 7.30-9.30pm

Telluric Currents Detection Training

Come and join our special introductory training course in collection methods for telluric currents and other electromagnetic fields. The session will be run by one of the founder members of the Diviners, Harry Bellamy. Harry has become a bit of an “influencer” with his outspoken campaign on Reddit about Geopathic Stress caused by the changes to the ring road at Junction 8. Hear how he has been gathering really important information about the geobiology of the site and its critical impact on drivers’ behaviour. Coventry City Council’s Highways department really needs to take notice! Be there if you can, it’s going to be an interesting course.

Training takes place at 7.30-9.30pm on Thursday 2 May at the 2nd Woodbridge Scout Hut, Training fee of £10 (£5 concessions). Caffeine and sugar-free refreshments will be available.

Workshop: Gut Health & the Sacred

On Saturday 6 April, 11.00-1.00pm at the Community Food Hub, Kaz will be running a workshop, sharing her work on food rituals and the connection she has discovered with gut issues. Kaz’s practice involves mindful food preparation and eating rituals that she has proved are vital to the work of the gut microbiome. She will take participants through a guided meditation, as they prepare a vegan meal and eat together. Workshop £5 including lunch and recipe booklet. Please notify Kaz of any dietary requirements.

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