The Diviners are a group of seekers and explorers. We map the unknown and shine a light on histories and beliefs that have been rejected by mainstream society. Those who lack the imagination, or the courage to look beneath the surface.

We come together to share ideas, examine the evidence and seek together.

Join us, but only if you are open-minded and sensitive to experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

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What is Divining?

Strictly speaking, Divining is the ancient practice of seeking answers, by means of rituals and practices engaging with the Unknown. Divining or Dowsing specifically, involves seeking out underground water, oil or metal by means of indicators such as holding a y-forked hazel twig or a pair of copper divining rods. Modern science may argue that the effects are created by the ideometer response, but this doesn’t account for the radiothesia that many dowsers manifest (including one of our current members, Kaz)

For many of our members, ‘divining’ is a lifelong commitment and takes all kinds of forms. We have faced a lot of challenges and a lack of understanding by so-called authorities. However, we consider ourselves to be the fortunate ones, (chosen, even) with the imagination and determination to “boldly go” as Captain Kirk would say. We hope you will join us in our journey where no man (or any other gender!) has gone before. We welcome you to the Diviners.



This is Authentic Science! a person with a clipboard points at a chalkboard, written in chalk is E=MC^2

The Diviners bring scientific rigour to our seeking. Our members are very knowledgeable and have wide-ranging interests and areas of expertise. We use state of the art equipment to collect data, producing significant evidence that even certain members of the scientific community can’t dispute.


WHAT is Hydro-Humanity?

Hydro-Humanity is a vital new concept that we have been exploring in our reading group and encompasses our spiritual connection to water as a life-giving and integral part of our material being. We recognise the significance of ancient traditional beliefs, tales and practices that connect humans with water in all kinds of ways, from cradle to grave. We acknowledge that humans have failed to value water - except as a source of power over others and we seek to redress this in our exploration of what it is and the beings that it may host.

Two people of different generations embrace while looking at the water. The tail of an unkown aquatic creature is poking out of the water