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Imbolc Celebrations

Thanks to everyone who brought food and music for our Imbolc supper on 5th Feb. Special thanks to Mary Arthur for her splendid straw craft masks and Brídeóg. We definitely warded off some spirits that night!

For Sale

Orgone Pyramid, obsidian & crystal for good vibrations and eliminating negative energy. Perfect gift. Comes in box. £4.99 Gemma @ladyluckgifts

Second hand: DUPELEC Emf Meter,30-20000Hz Portable Electromagnetic Field Emf Reader, Multi Segment LED. Price on request. Very effective, has provided some exciting outcomes. Crispin Woods @technohunter

Book Recommendations

The Biodynamic Calendar 2024: Maria Thun. An invaluable guide for all gardeners using the moon’s phases to maximise the yield of their crops as well as when to harvest and store.

Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves: Hilary Hart Inspiring and thoughtful exploration of the nine hidden powers in womens’ bodies and how they can be unleashed for good.

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